Free Press

Democracy has never been confined to a small spot of those simple, complex concepts, as some sometimes imagine, which are much larger than that, and cannot be achieved without honest dialog and logical free discussion. As for those forums that we see today and every day, our eyes have been taken away from the real exercise of democracy, it may not permeate in our small minds the relationship between journalism and democracy and the birth of the second from the womb of the first, where the mother should not defend her liver except with the truth, and this is what the real democratic press is presenting today in an authoritarian reality and dictatorial governments.

In today's fragile political situation, and due to the difficulty of reaching the nearest distance from the truth, due to the multiplicity of modern means, the abundance of false sources, violent prejudice, and the orientation towards the dictatorship of regimes, peoples are lost in a deep tunnel full of false impurities, never see light, in addition to their believing the falsehood, their acceptance of the silence that is going to achieve a safe life as some call it, they are a fucking demagogue, gaining the fear of peoples to stay in power, and this is revealed by the free press, which no unjust regime can accept its existence in its arena, and yet we find many free media platforms that expose the deception and the manipulation of regimes with logical evidence and reality, as well.

We are still able to present the truth, even if it comes at the cost of our lives and our lives, in return for enjoying even a little bit of the rights that guarantee us the same survival as everyone else
Our basic needs today were not just for a living, to think about how to earn it, and they were not just for free treatment, not even with a chair, or a prestigious job. What's the use of all this without a free, secure, democratic press? You can say right without fear or a false face covering, what good is it to live in all that comfort in the midst of the invisible tangible constraints that surround you on all sides?

How do we separate journalism and democracy, two sides of the same coin? How can a democratic press be at the mercy of oppressive regimes? In light of the current situation, what kind of restrictions are placed on a journalist who has been dedicated to uncovering the truth about Yemen, Syria, Libya and Palestine? How are countries free to challenge sweeping laws that prohibit speech or disclosure? And if we talk a little bit about today's social networks, which sadly have done a great deal to distort everything that's happening today, in addition to their claim of being slandered into a battlefield? Was it easier for its users to exploit it in the right way for the benefit of their forgotten rights and their clean causes?Go! What about areas where destruction and devastation abound and where there is no life or livelihood? We have not heard anything about it, and we have not even known what is happening in it, including the obliteration of the spirit and the euphoria of tyranny?

I still believe that we are still able to present the truth, even if it is at the expense of our lives and lives, in return for enjoying even a few rights that guarantee us the right to live as we have changed. There is no difference between death or living within the cocoon of a pandemic threat, and the monitoring by decision-makers and those who themselves hope to politicize the press and democracy for their own sake. The challenges are difficult but not impossible in light of the worn-out conditions of veiled laws and the restrictions imposed on governments and regulations, in addition to the directions of some media institutions that control journalists for their own sake, and not for the sake of preserving superior human rights. But if these human cadres are qualified and not weak, these institutions and governments would not lead them for what they want.

The importance of raising awareness in the democratic press today stems from the inaccurate understanding of the press in general and the democratic press in particular by the journalists themselves, and the absence of a strong democratic media system in its structure, away from private and commercial ownership, the domination of journalistic institutions over journalists and their staff, a decrease in the level of honest professionalism to preserve the level of democratic journalism, a lack of proper training of available human cadres, in addition to the clear disconnection between the traditional and modern technology press and its proper exploitation to enhance the ability of journalists and even individuals themselves to publish events and facts, and the presence of a large negative audience.

Creating a platform for sound and solid awareness of journalistic concepts and democracy leads us to clear-cut diligence in professional journalism, leading us to a safe and free place that seeks to separate light and darkness

This is in addition to the increase of hate speech on alternative media platforms without integrating it and investing it to transform it to an effective and positive audience, the increase of love speech in social networks, the urgent need for feminist media, diverse dialog for both sexes and non-sexism, in addition to the great development of alternative media and its non-linkage with traditional media in innovative ways, especially in areas of conflict and tension and where refugees are located, in addition to the clear and incomprehensible tightening by governments and decision makers on journalistic institutions, the invasion of laws that cover dictatorship, and our need for an independent and free body that is far removed from bias, dictatorship, the orientations of governments and private owners to promote and protect press institutions.

All of these imperatives allow us to take a correct stand to achieve goals that have been a minor setback for democratic journalism today, to demonstrate the integrative relationship between journalism and democracy, to start with the equality within the journalistic environment and the serious exercise of human rights, and then to apply it among the members of society, in order to re-liberate the free press that has been restrained for some time, and with the challenges that may arise from a lack of data and information and a lack of practice.

However, the methodology followed in the formulation of research, statistics, and digital questionnaires in the modern way, helps to involve the sample of examination and the acquisition of data in a smooth and easy way, in addition to the use of modern technology in linking these data from the theoretical and practical sides. Finding a platform for conducting correct and solid awareness of journalistic and democratic concepts that leads us to clear-cut diligence in professional journalism, leads us to a safe and free place that seeks to separate light from darkness, truth, mirage, and internal disclosures, is not easy at press institutions, but it will also not be impossible.