Cookie Policy

What cookies are

Cookies are text files that can be stored on your computer or other devices when visiting a website. These files are used to make websites track your movements inside the website and remember your login data.

There are different types of cookies, which can be distinguished based on their origin, functionality, and age. The following list details the cookie categories we use:

Basic cookies (mandatory)

These cookies are essential to provide you with essential services and features available through our websites, such as remembering where you are on the website.

Job and performance cookies (mandatory)

These cookies are used to enhance the performance and functionality of our websites, as they provide statistics on how our website is used and help us make improvements by measuring errors. Some functionality on our website may become unavailable without these cookies.

Analytical Cookies (Mandatory)

These cookies aggregate the information used to help us understand how our websites are used and help us continually improve the experience we provide.

Publicity cookies

These cookies are used for a better experience and more personalized promotional messages.

Social media cookies

These cookies are used to enable sharing or following content you find interesting on our websites. These settings apply to external social networks and other external websites.

Important properties for cookies include:

Site Cookies

Site-specific cookies are the ones you visit, while external site cookies are the ones that are created by a site other than the one you are visiting. Please note that we do not control data collection by or use for external sites.

Session Cookies

Session cookies are temporary cookies that are deleted once you close the browser, while static or permanent cookies remain on your device until you delete them manually or until your browser deletes them based on the duration specified in the permanent cookie.

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Some cookie categories are required, as their absence will significantly impact your experience browsing our website, so we have made these cookies mandatory for both EU and non-EU users for basic, performance, functionality, and analytical cookie categories.

Why do we use cookies?

We may use cookies to:

Distinguish between visitors.
Improve the use and operation of our site.
Customize our site and products to your needs and preferences.
Process your purchase requisitions; and analyze how to use our website and compile anonymous and aggregated statistics.
We do not use the information collected to create personal profiles for visitors.