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Every society has its own originality, culture and morals. Every profession has its own ethics and behaviors. The press is at the forefront of professions that reflect society's image with its experiences, problems and phenomena. All forms of journalism, whether written, audio, visual or electronic, must respect the cultural environment of society.

The press should not go beyond the accepted principles and values in order to perform its function in a manner that responds to the needs and aspirations of the people and gives them the opportunity to gain a clearer view of their reality. Journalistic ethics are useless unless they are reflected in practical behaviors on the ground.

When we say about the ethics of the profession, we are naturally led to discussions about the relationship between practitioners and their customers as beneficiaries. This relationship imposes on the first party a sort of commitment to a set of principles and values that rise to personal duties towards the second party, so that the bridges of this relationship between the two parties are unquestionable and unambiguous.

There is no doubt that the press differs from other professions in that it is a message before it is a profession, and its role does not depend on the mere performance of a social function or the exercise of an educational hobby. Rather, it is much more important in terms of its impact on the individual, the development of his awareness and its contribution to the building and advancement of society.

Be a reporter: Gaza News Network allows writing and accepting all points of view in all topics related to the resistance, the issues of Palestine and the Arab world in all fields whether they are political, cultural, sports or health. We are among our values that call for not being subjected to God's self, underestimation of religions, attacks on prophets and messengers, or talking in a way that spreads sectarian and doctrinal prejudices between people or peoples, as well as subjects that violate religion or decency.

When quoting, the source must be listed in order to preserve the original rights of the authors.

Gaza News Network is committed to continuously training and mentoring all those who join us and provide them with a certificate of experience.

The Gaza News Network's management insists that the following provisions must be observed:

1 - The service is free of charge and is aimed at the participation of audiences from all over the world in the news industry by word, picture and video.

2 - The news, topics, opinions and issues shall be published after scrutiny, within 10 hours of the date of dispatch and receipt.

3 - Topics and titles that are not purposeful or that offend a person or entity will not be published in any way.

4 - Materials sent through "Be a Reporter" are considered exclusively for the Gaza News Network.

5 - The Gaza News Network is entitled to change and update the terms of publication without prior notice.

6 - The Gaza News Network reserves the right to modify or delete any document, information or other content that appears on the site.

7- The sender acknowledges through "Be a Reporter" his legal responsibility for the accuracy of any material, images or data published on the site.

Gaza News Network has real depth and advanced media, and it comes from your participation first. Therefore, it was put to your service, and we welcome your developmental suggestions. We welcome your participation while preserving your rights to the full name and title of your posts .

If you are interested in being a writer or reporter, you can sign up and email us at [email protected] and we will activate your account to a writer after verification.