Writers and bloggers

Not everyone who practices the profession is devoid of principles and ethical standards. His artistic skills and academic testimonies will not support journalists who lack integrity and credibility, or who stray from independence and objectivity.

Some believe that scrupulous adherence to ethics, excessive adherence to the limits of the social responsibility of the profession will hinder a journalist, discourage him or her from making the best of his or her ability to uncover the truth, resulting in a lackluster press, totally disconnected from people's reality, and useless for them.

All of this does not justify the abhorrent behavior and practices of those who consider themselves professional journalists, who are nothing but intruders to the profession; For example, a journalist impersonates the acts and ideas of others, receives a cash reward for falsifying or falsifying facts, or violates people's symptoms and feelings. Other warnings must be embodied in the Code of Honor and in local and international agreements, in order to create a profession for journalism.

The Ethics Circle is not limited to what must be done, said and not done, but much more than some, including the journalists themselves, realize if we refer to morality to its philosophical concept and the statements and theories of intellectuals and philosophers in this great section of "moral philosophy", to publish news highlighting a hidden side of society and exposing people to its truth is a moral practice of journalistic work, according to its basic principles, which gives society the opportunity to see itself up close.

The more qualified, the more adept journalists are in providing information that is unquestionable, fallible or incomplete, and in the manner required to make informed and informed public opinion, the more they gain the trust of their audience and are in touch with the ethics and etiquette of the profession.

What increases the burden of the profession of journalism on those working in the field and who are committed to its ethics and principles is that the journalist should act responsibly and subject his actions and words to a precise balance, as the words he writes or utters may have a great impact and are sometimes not without serious consequences.

It is about illuminating minds and guiding them in their search for the truth. This is where we talk about the subject of objectivity in the work of journalism.

These are the basic attributes of the best freelance writers and bloggers:

1- Professionalism: Have a high level of professionalism in content writing and expression.

2- Sustainability: their ability to continue to write regularly and build a sustainable readership.

3- Expertise and competence: They have expertise in certain areas and have a competence that makes their content reliable and useful.

4- Singularity and creativity: They create unique and exciting content that makes them stand out among competitors.

5- Use of technology: Use technology effectively in the production and distribution of their content.

6- Interacting with readers: They interact with their readers through comments and social media.

7- Self-marketing: They know how to market themselves and raise awareness of their content.

8- Commitment to quality: Always striving to deliver high quality content and continual improvement.

9- Ability to meet the needs of readers: Understand what readers are looking for and provide content that meets those needs.

10 - Good time management: they effectively manage their time to meet the schedule for the regular dissemination of content.

11- Data analysis: Ability to use data analysis tools and understand statistics to improve performance and better understanding of the public.

12 - Continuous learning: they are always up to date with writing and content and constantly develop their skills.

13- Dealing with criticism: They are able to constructively handle and utilize negative feedback to improve their performance.

14- Employing social networks: Effectively use social media platforms to increase the spread of their content and build relationships in the field.

15- Excellence in research and documentation: Strong research and documentation skills to provide accurate and reliable information.

16- Organization: Manage their content in an orderly manner, creating timelines and editorial plans.

17- The ability to synthesize complex ideas: They can simplify complex topics and explain them clearly to readers.

18- Visual expression: They use images and graphs to add value to their content.

19- Passion for topics: They have a real passion for the topics they write about, which is reflected in the quality of the final work.

20 - Diversity in methods and content: The types of content they publish, such as articles, guidelines, videos, etc.

In conclusion, successful freelance writers and bloggers have multiple attributes that enable them to build a strong online audience and community. These attributes combine professionalism, creativity, and a commitment to deliver high quality content and communicate effectively with readers.